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first aid kit

Herbal First Aid Kit

When we started Elysium Naturals, we wanted to bring you the herbal products that our family uses the most frequently, and has come to trust and rely on on an almost daily basis! The top 8 items in our First Aid Kit have gotten us out of many scrapes over the years (no pun intended […]


Because we handle herbs and herbal preparations, we have certain regulations that limit us to the discussion of only “structure and function” information in regards to our products. We can not provide council in regard to your health or the health of others, only offer opinions based on outside sources (i.e. herbal reference books, herbalists, […]

Anti-aging and shea butter

Anti-aging Benefits Because of the anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, shea butter is lauded as an antiaging cream. The chief causes of aging are inflammation and sun damage. Therefore, the anti-inflammatory effects of vitamin E and damage reversal properties of vitamin A, may be beneficial for wrinkle reduction and collagen renewal. It also contains cinnamic acid […]