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"Our girls love taking these when they catch a cold. Sometimes they'll fake a cough to get a dropper full. I always give them RR first as it has a little bit of a bitter taste and then the EE which has a sweeter taste that stays in their mouths. They work so well, especially to soothe coughing before bed."


"We are a family with asthma and weak lungs. Many times a year we will get infections. We used to go to the doctor and be on antibiotics and steroids.....Until I found Elysium Naturals and more specifically Respiratory Rescue.
With the children usually one or two doses on Respiratory Rescue will see them improving and well.
For myself after about 1-2 days I can breath again and vastly improved!
No more doctor and 'medicine' for us!
I will never be without Respiratory Relief in our cupboard"


" I had fallen during a tennis match and sprained/dislocated my wrist. After one treatment of your lotion the swelling all disappeared. I was amazed at how fast it worked and how I’ve progressed in healing. Thanks so much! I will be a repeat customer! (Zilis Topical CBD Cream)


"I started taking this after I'd gone 3 months without a period. Got one the same month I started taking it then was pregnant the next month! I'm taking it again now, definitely regulates what my body has proven to not want to give me without help." (Feminine Balance)


"This little kit is so handy, and it definitely goes with me on trips! My first little bottle of Green Salve is nearly gone from all of the small cuts, sores, and dry skin cracks. The Arnica Oil really does work to reduce swelling and bruising for bumps, and the People Paste does a good job of stopping bleeding. I've used a lot of the Deep Tissue Oil for muscle and joint aches, and I like it so well that I bought the bigger bottle to use at home. I was so thankful to have the Activated Charcoal handy to help settle my stomach after a touch of food poisoning. All of the items in the kit are so useful, and the little booklet included gives helpful suggestions." (First Aid Kit)