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Echinacea Elderberry Tincture


Sorry, I only have 2 oz bottles available until the next batch of echinacea is harvested late fall. 

Our Echinacea and Elderberry tincture is made with fresh Echinacea Root for strong immune boosting action and Elderberries and Elderflowers for their gentle anti-viral properties, making this an excellent tonic for flu and colds, as well as for fighting infection. This tincture is pleasant tasting and suitable for children and adults alike. For adults, take one dropperful 1-3 times per day (may be taken every hour for 1-2 days in acute cases). For children over 2, one dropperful 1-3 times per day (safe for babies a few drops at a time, a couple times a day).

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Product Description

Fresh Echinacea is harvested and combined with Elderberries and Elderflowers for an immune building tincture. 

Ingredients: Fresh Echinacea Root, Elderberries, Elderflowers, Alcohol, Glycerin

Traditionally used for:

• Bacterial Infection
• Viral Infection
• Immune System Function

Properties: immuno-modulating

Body System(s): Immune System

Qty: 2 oz, 4 fl oz, or 8 oz


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