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Respiratory Rescue


Respiratory Rescue was formulated especially for stubborn coughs that are difficult to overcome. It contains immune supporting and anti-viral herbs such as elderberries, as well as herbs that soothe the throat and lungs. This pleasant tasting formula (containing peppermint and wild cherry bark) is suitable for children and can be used in place of a cough syrup.

 For adults, take one dropperful 1-3 times per day (may be taken every hour for 1-2 days in acute cases). For children over 2, one dropperful 1-3 times per day (safe for babies a few drops at a time, a couple times a day).

What to try to Echinacea Elderberry also? Click this link to get both of them and save $5. 

2 oz,  4 oz or 8 oz. The 8 oz does not come with a dropper, but can be used to refill your bottle.

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