Arnica Oil

Arnica Oil

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Extra Virgin olive oil infused with flowers of Arnica and St. John’s Wort help to ease pain and bruising when blunt trauma has occurred. Topical arnica oil can help to slow the inflammatory immune response, decreasing pain and discoloration associated with bruising. For external use only, do not apply to broken skin.

This product is also included in our First Aid Kit.

Product Description

External use
•    Arnica is an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and a local antibiotic, that is used in liniments and creams for dislocations, sprains, bruises, chilblains, and varicose ulcers.
•    It helps to prevent bruising and swelling after traumatic skin injuries and prevents the blood platelets from gathering to the site of injury.
•    Furthermore, it reverses the effect of pain causing prostaglandins and thereby has a pain relieving effect, which is further enhanced by the sesquiterpene lactones, helanalin and dihydrohelanalin contained, which also reduces inflammation and fights bacteria.
•    It is particularly useful for joint, muscle and rheumatic pain and it has also been found to prevent muscle stiffness and reduce pain when applied before athletic events.
•    When an arnica compress is applied to any injury – including broken bones, it can have a most amazing healing result.
•    It can also be used successfully for burns, including sunburn.

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